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PuraStat is a completely new type of hemostatic agent developed at the American MiT University. PuraStat is a peptide that is activated when the pH value changes and which then forms an extracellular matrix that effectively functions as a liquid bandage. Transparent, completely synthetic and made entirely without animal derivatives. Long-term storage in the refrigerator and does not require mixing or preparation before application.

3D surgical equipment – Viking Systems provides an integrated solution to digital surgery of information, visualization and control. Through a high-resolution three-dimensional visualization technology obtained a significant improvement in surgery capabilities and performance in minimal invasive surgery (MIS). The system consists of an endoscope with a 3D camera, digital processing of optical information and visualization of high-resolution display modules located in the operator’s field of vision. In this way, the operator has full control over the operation without constantly having to change focus. With additional display modules the system is to advantage used for teaching and demonstrations.

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