Suspended radiation protection systems with maximum protection and minimum weight

The growing number and complexity of fluoroscopic procedures performed each year has increased the workload of interventionalists, resulting in cumulative radiation doses and orthopedic stress that can limit or even shorten careers. The Zero-Gravity® Suspended Radiation Protection System is designed to increase the level of radiation protection while eliminating the weight burden on the operator.

Why Zero-Gravity®?

  • Zero-Gravity® is designed to reduce fatigue and orthopedic injuries resulting from routine wearing of heavy protective clothing without compromising radiation protection.
  • Compared to conventional lead aprons with under-table shields or ceiling-mounted shields, Zero-Gravity® provides superior operator protection during transillumination.
  • Zero-Gravity® gives clinicians freedom of movement, especially during challenging procedures.
  • Zero-Gravity® is flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of any room environment.

Floor Unit

The suspended floor unit with face shield can be moved for a wide range of procedures and room configurations.

When not in use, the system can easily be stored at the side of a room.

Hinged Swing Arm

The single fixing point of the Hinged Swing Arm system makes it the ideal choice when other roof mounted equipment prevents the use of a rail.

Can be used on both sides of the table if there is an attachment point available near the center of the table.

The shield can be stowed away when not in use, e.g. in hybrid rooms.

Monorail Hinged Swing Arm

This system combines the advantages of swing arm and monorail configurations, giving the operator maximum patient access.

The ceiling-mounted rail with a swing arm attached to a carriage provides convenient access to both sides of the table.

Slides easily out of the way and can be stowed away when not in use.


Suspended from a ceiling-mounted rail, the Monorail is ideal when floor space is at a premium.

Offered in two boom arm lengths: the short boom provides patient access on one side of the table, while the longer boom provides access on both sides of the table (depending on rail position).

Can be upgraded with an additional screen, allowing simultaneous use by two operators.

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