Vascular surgery

We represent the following companies in vascular surgery

Terumo Aortic, formerly Vascutek, produces grafts for cardiovascular surgery. Manufacturing takes place in Scotland and the USA.

Terumo Aortic has also bought Bolton Medical and thereby expanded the portfolio to now, in addition to grafts for open surgery, also include:

EVAR/FEVAR (Anaconda, Treo) and TEVAR (Relay)

PuraStat, Japan, is a completely new type of hemostatic agent developed at the American MiT University.

PuraStat is made up of amino acids that are activated when the pH changes and form an extracellular matrix, which effectively stops e.g. oozing bleeding.

PuraStat is transparent and 100% synthetic. The product is stored in a refrigerator for a long time and does not require mixing or thawing before use.

Italian Angiodroid manufactures a CO2 injector used as a substitute but also a complement to traditional Iodine contrast for e.g. Angiography.

CO2 is more volatile than iodine and can more easily penetrate certain types of vessels. Many clinics use Angiodroid if the patient suffers from e.g. kidney failure.

Angiodroid works very well for e.g. EVAR, ATK and BTK.

Hagmed is a supplier of embolectomy catheters (Fogerty Catheters).

Hagmed also produces a variety of other products for PTA and PTCA.

REBOA catheter 7Fr from Japan Tokai.

The product is delivered with a guidewire.

Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta

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