Thoracic surgery

We represent the following companies in thoracic surgery

Terumo Aortic, formerly Vascutek, produces grafts for cardiovascular surgery. Manufacturing takes place in Scotland and the USA.

Terumo Aortic has also bought Bolton Medical and thereby expanded the portfolio to now, in addition to grafts for open surgery, also include:

EVAR/FEVAR (Anaconda, Treo) and TEVAR (Relay)

PuraStat, Japan, is a completely new type of hemostatic agent developed at the American MiT University.

PuraStat is made up of amino acids that are activated when the pH changes and form an extracellular matrix, which effectively stops e.g. oozing hemorrhages.

PuraStat is transparent and 100% synthetic. The product is stored for a long time in a refrigerator and does not require mixing or thawing before use.

Atricure. Developing products for the treatment of fibrillation by radio frequency (RF) and by freezing tissue (cryo). Have systems for both open and closed approach.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it collaborates, inter alia, with the University of Cincinnati.

AtriCure is by gathering experts in the medical industry has come to form a highly effective team with the aim to help both patients and healthcare professionals.

Fumedica is a Swiss company that provides a wide range of sutures, especially stainless steel special sutures used in closing the thorax after open heart surgery.

The steel sutures are available in a variety of variants and sizes, i.a. with so-called loop, blunt tip and sharp tip.

Chase Medical. Supplier of sizer balloons left ventricular reduction. Have a far-reaching partnership with the San Donato Hospital in Milan. 3-4 organizes courses in Milan each year for those who want to learn the technique. 

Corcym, Italy, formerly LivaNova/Sorin, is a supplier of mechanical and biological heart valves for open and minimally invasive surgery.

Limedic sells i.a. the mechanical mitral and aortic valves Carbomedics Reduced, Standard and Top Hat, the Perceval sutureless biological aortic heart valve and the Memo 4D mitral ring used in mitralplasty.

Fabriken ligger i Saluggia, norra Italien.

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